How to look like you got 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Did you have a rough night? Was your dog scratching to go outside at 3:00 AM? Maybe you watched a tear jerker before bed or had a few too many adult beverages? Whatever the reason, if you are sleep deprived and your eyes are looking tired, I am going to give you a few tips on how to fool everyone and look like you got 8 hours of beauty sleep.

·         Visine is your friend. It will remove any redness and make those peepers look less like a road map. It also helps with allergy related irritation and dryness.

·         Eye cream. This will soothe the delicate skin under the eyes. It will help to reduce puffiness, hydrate, and create a nice base for concealer. I am currently using the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen by Skyn Iceland (free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, chemical sulfates and phthalates. 100% vegan and cruelty-free).

·         Concealer. Camouflage those dark circles! Peachy/orange concealers will cancel out any blue/grey tones under the eyes. My favorite is Enlighten by jane iredale.

·         Eyelash curler. Instantly makes your eyes look more open and alert. It also helps to make your lashes look longer. The Shu Uemura lash curler is by far the best one out there.

·         Eyeliner.  Apply your favorite liner to the top lash line only. This keeps the eyes looking larger and more open. Feeling brave? Wing that liner upward on the outside corner of the eye. This will give the illusion of an instant “eye lift”.

·         White eyeliner. Apply to the lower lash’s water line. This makes the whites of the eyes appear larger. I like jane iredale’s white pencil as it is all natural and contains no harsh ingredients.

·         Highlighter.  Apply to the inner corner of the eyes. This will reflect light and make your eyes sparkle and appear brighter. Any highlighter will do. You can even use a light colored eyeshadow.

·         Navy Mascara. Blue undertones make eyes appear whiter and brighter. Most popular mascara brands will have a navy option.

·         Light colored eyeshadows. Light colors highlight and make things appear larger. Example: You are painting your bedroom; the room is small and you want it to appear more spacious and open. Are you going to paint it dark green? Probably not. The same rules apply to makeup.

·         Brows. Fill those bad boys in. They frame your eyes and make everything look better! Use your favorite brow pencil, a brow powder, gel, or even an eye shadow.

Try all of these tips or just a few. Grab a coffee and prepare to get compliments on looking bright eyed and bushy tailed!