Are hair care products wreaking havoc on your skin?

Are hair care products wreaking havoc on your skin?

I had never personally experienced this problem until I started using the Deva Curl hair care line. I have naturally wavy hair and I let my hair air dry most of the time. I am far too lazy to blow dry my hair in the morning so I thought I would give this curl enhancing product line a try.

The product line is pricey. Thankfully, I have my esthetics license so I was able to purchase the products at wholesale cost from the local Cosmo Prof store. I purchased a travel kit so that I could try a little bit of everything without the huge investment. The kit included the Deva Curl No Poo (a hair cleanser used in place of shampoo), Deva Curl One Condition (conditioner), Deva Curl Light Defining Gel, and the Deva Curl Set it Free (curl enhancing, moisture locking spray).

The Deva Curl No Poo was hard to get used to at first. It is a gentle cleanser which does not suds up. I felt like I was washing my hair with body lotion and the scent was reminiscent of my great grandmother’s perfume. The One Condition conditioner was nice. It felt very lightweight and left my hair feeling silky smooth. I had no complaints about the gel. It wasn’t sticky, it didn’t make my hair stiff or crunchy, and it seemed to help tame frizz. The Set it Free spray was passing the test as well.

I used the products continuously for a few days and I received compliments on my hair at work. My husband even said that my hair looked better than usual! Naturally, I went out and bought full sized bottles of everything. I thought I had found the holy grail of hair care.

Well, the honeymoon period didn’t last long. My hair was looking fabulous but my neck, shoulders, forehead, and the sides of my face started breaking out. I attributed it to the hot and humid weather and continued on with my Deva Curl obsession. The weather started getting cooler, I started using acne fighting body wash, yet still I had unsightly breakouts everywhere. It looked like I had the chicken pocks.

I finally made the connection that the breakouts started shortly after I started using the Deva Curl products. I quit the products cold turkey to test my theory and sure enough, my skin started to clear. My hair was looking so great that I wanted to convince myself it was just a coincidence. I tested the products out again here and there but every single time I ended up with the same results…pimples.

So, my search for the perfect hair care line continues. Besides wanting to share my Deva Curl experience, I also wanted to encourage you to do a little detective work when your skin starts randomly breaking out. You may not have a case of hormonal acne. Your skin may not be awful. You might just be having a reaction to a product that you’re using in your daily routine. The culprit could be hair products, cosmetics, laundry detergents, soaps, lotions, etc. Your skin is not shy. It’s going to tell you when it doesn’t like something. People can have allergies and sensitivities to almost anything. Pay attention to what you put on your skin and be ingredient conscious. You only have the skin you’re in and it needs to last you a lifetime. Help make sure it looks and feels beautiful.