How to make the most of your bridal consultation.

How to make the most of your bridal consultation.


1.      Clean Face

Arrive with a clean and moisturized face. A lot of time can be saved if your face is clean, fresh and ready to be dolled up. Removing last night’s makeup and waterproof mascara can be a daunting task. Your makeup artist and your skin will thank you!


2.      Daily Makeup Routine

Give your makeup artist a rundown of your daily makeup routine. This includes what products you currently wear, colors you like, best features and overall thoughts on makeup. Trust me, everyone’s idea of “light makeup” and “heavy makeup” is different. Having a snapshot of you in your usual makeup can be helpful as well!


3.      Lady in red or most likely, white.

If you are wearing the traditional wedding dress in a shade of white, wear a white top for your consultation. If you are daring and will be wearing another color on your big day, try to replicate it at your trial. Certain colors can wash you out or reflect color. This will give you a better idea of how the makeup will look on your big day.


4.      Hair

Wearing your hair up or down for you wedding? Do the same thing at your trail.


5.      Inspiration

Bring photos and magazine clippings of looks you like to your consult. Most brides have their Pinterest accounts up and ready for me to view when I arrive (How did anyone ever plan a wedding before Pinterest?!). I have even had brides show me YouTube tutorials and clips from movies with makeup looks they hoped to achieve.


6.       Natural Light

 Make sure you look at your makeup in natural lighting. Go outside during your consultation and make sure everything looks as good out in the sun as it does in your kitchen!


7.      Say Cheese!

Take a selfie. You want to know how the makeup photographs and how fabulous you will look in your photos.


8.      Get your monies worth!

Keep the makeup on after your trial. See how the makeup holds up throughout the day. You want to make sure you are happy with the look you chose and that it is going to last through nerves, tears, mother nature, kissing and saying “I do”.