Make-up & Services

Sabrina Marie Fortier is an experienced makeup artist based in Adams, Massachussets, Berkshire County. Below is a list of makeup services she provides.


Wedding - Makeup applications for the bride, bridal party, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, groom, friends, and extended family. 

Prom - Makeup for homecoming, prom, and all school dances. 

Television - Makeup applications specifically for high definition television and film.

Print - Makeup for magazines, print, and editorial use. 

Headshots - Makeup applications for photography, 

Engagement - Makeup applications for engagement photo shoots and engagement parties.

Preliminary Wedding Sessions - Makeup trials to prepare for the wedding day application.

Special Events - Makeup applications for any life event, holiday, or milestone. 

Private Lessons - One on one makeup technique and application guide with product and color suggestions. 


Sabrina can give you the look, confidence, and skin you have always wanted. Not only is she a makeup artist but a licensed esthetician making her a skin care specialist as well. Her range of proficiencies include: skin classification and analysis, skin specific treatment planning, acne care management, age management, Rosacea and sensitive skins, as well as ethnic and male skin care. Sabrina can guide you in the right direction with your skin care routine while educating you on makeup. "The better your skin looks, the better the makeup is going to look."

Safe Cosmetics

Sabrina primarily uses mineral cosmetics such as jane iredale, which provides her clients with naturally flawless looking skin, UVA and UVB protection, and top of the line ingredients. The mineral makeup she uses contains no FD&C dyes, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or fillers such as talc. (The less ingredients and fillers there are in a product, the less likely the client is to having a reaction.) It's makeup that is good for your skin! As an animal lover, it is also imperative to her that all products used are cruelty free.


Sabrina Marie has been gifted with the talent of making women of all ages look and feel beautiful. She helps them gain confidence and an education with her makeup techniques. Being a very caring and devoted person, Sabrina will work with her clients until they find a look that's right for them as an individual. She sees no task as too big or too small. She has a love of the trendy and dramatic, yet a deep appreciation for natural beauty and subtlety.

No matter what the event or desired look, Sabrina will provide you with nothing short of perfection!