6 tips to finding the perfect makeup artist for your wedding day.


Are you considering having your makeup professionally done for your wedding day?

I think it is a great idea and I’m not just saying that because I’m a makeup artist. I married my best friend 6 years ago and of course I did my own makeup. Why would I hire someone else to do something that I enjoy and that I have made a career of?

Well, that was my exact thought up until the morning of my big day. I was a nervous wreck! I remember sipping ginger ale and sucking on peppermints while the stylist at the salon curled my hair. I had put so much time and effort into planning my wedding day that when it arrived I really didn’t want to do anything. I wanted to sit back, relax, and be able to enjoy the day. As I was applying my makeup in my mother’s bathroom (with a jittery hand), I remember thinking “Now I know why bride’s hire me for their wedding!”

Besides having one less responsibility on your wedding day, hiring a professional makeup artist will make your day that much more special. Your wedding day is a day to be pampered and a day to look and feel your absolute best!

So how do you find the perfect makeup artist that you can trust on your big day? I’m going to give you a few tips and suggestions to make this process easy and enjoyable.

1. Do your research

Have any of your friends or family hired a makeup artist for their big day? Have you attended a wedding where you were blown away by how stunning the bride looked? Ask for recommendations and feel free to Google away. Any professional makeup artist should have a website or social media page showing current work, portfolios, testimonials, references, and their background.

2. Don’t wait until the last minute

Most weddings occur on the weekend and there are only 52 weeks in a year. If you find the perfect makeup artist, you want to be sure they are available.

3. Ask questions

I assure you, you’re not bothering us. It is your big day and you have a right to know EVERYTHING! You want to make sure you know pricing up front, if the artist is willing to travel or work on location, how much time the artist requires, the brand of makeup that they use, and the details of the contract.

4. Schedule a consultation

This is probably the most important part of hiring a makeup artist. A consultation lets you meet and get a feel for who you may be working with on your big day. This is your chance to try any looks you may be contemplating, test products and colors, try false lashes, and to let the makeup artist know about you. This is the time to mention any allergies, sensitivities, favorite colors, or skin issues. Please tell the makeup artist if you hate anything with shimmer, if you have oily skin, or if your eyes are sensitive and you wear contacts. These are all important factors that the makeup artist needs to know in order to use the appropriate products for you and to be sure your bridal application is perfect.

5. Be honest

You will not hurt our feelings. We want you to be happy on your wedding day. It is only makeup and it can very easily be washed off or tweaked. A good makeup artist will be honest with you about what they think will look best but ultimately you are the boss and what you say goes!

6. Lastly, show your appreciation

Just as you would leave a gratuity for a hairstylist or nail tech, makeup artists are providing you with a service. Being in charge of a bride’s face on their wedding day is no small task and it can be stressful. Thank you notes are also greatly appreciated. I love knowing that I contributed to your wedding day bliss and hopefully made you feel like a princess in the process!

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