Beauty Hacks

We are all running in a million different directions. There truly is not enough time in the day.  While I am trying to juggle my full time job, freelance makeup artistry business, family, friends, house work, dog walking, grocery shopping, and everything else in-between; I end up a little frantic and forget things that I would normally incorporate in my morning beauty routine.

The other day I arrived at work and quickly realized that I forgot to apply deodorant. Not my best move on a 90 degree day. This is the type of thing that I am referring to. I have learned many tricks and beauty hacks over the years. I have learned some from others and acquired some from my own personal situations and experimentations.  I am going to share a few of my favorites and I hope that in a desperate situation, they also help you.  

MIA deodorant? In a pinch, antibacterial hand sanitizer will do the trick. It’s not your sweat that stinks; it is the bacteria lurking in your armpits. Whip out your Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon hand sanitizer and take control. Please note, if you shave your underarms every morning, this will surely get your attention and you will feel the burn.

Need a root touch up? Colored brow gels can get you through those last few desperate days before your next hair appointment. They help to camouflage roots, hide pesky white hairs, and will tame flyaways. This is a product that I always have in my purse.  

Looking pale or a little under the weather? Lipstick makes a great cream blush. I discovered this trick at a concert with my sister a few years ago. We were in the restroom when I caught a glimpse of my very pale face against my black shirt. Something had to be done. What if I bumped into Rob Thomas after the show and didn’t look beautifully flushed? All I had was lipstick so I dabbed it on the apples of my cheeks and the problem was solved. My sister then did the same thing and I am pretty sure we started a trend right then and there.

Very oily or shiny skin? A sheet of tissue paper will act as an oil blotting sheet. Really in a pinch? Disposable toilet seat covers are made of a very similar/quick absorbing paper. Yes, this is one that I tried myself. It was right before I had to give a presentation and it seemed like a good idea. It did work but I will admit, very weird and a bit gross.  California heat and a lot of nerves got to me. I considered it a desperate situation.

Forgot your eyeliner? Use a makeup brush and apply your mascara as a liner. It really does work. This is a hack that I remembered reading in a magazine when I forgot to pack an eyeliner on a weekend trip.

No lash curler? You can use a spoon. I would have never believed this but I saw it with my own eyes. My husband and I were in Cancun and decided to brave the public transportation. There was a woman in a hotel uniform on the bus. I assume she was on her way to work. She applied her lipstick and then took a spoon out of her purse. She looked in a little compact mirror and used her fingers to press the spoon against the base of her lashes. The results were fantastic and I will forever be fascinated.

I hope these beauty tricks help you in a future conundrum or at least inspire you to be more creative. If you have any great hacks, please share! I am always looking to step up my game.